1What Are the Most Dangerous Intersections in Pasadena?

Posted on : November 19, 2018

A Pasadena car accident can change your life forever. You might not even remember how the accident happened or what caused it, but looking back on the issue or pulling together evidence can help you to figure out what occurred.

All people nearing an intersection, including those who are on foot, riding a bicycle or motorcycle, or inside a car, face the risk of severe injuries at an accident. Someone who tries to swerve outside of the way of an accident can strike others or stationary objects leading to injuries such as spinal cord damage, a brain injury, or whiplash.

Have you already been hurt while on a motorcycle, a bicycle, on foot or as a passenger or driver in a vehicle in Pasadena? Unfortunately, far too many vehicle accidents across California are caused by driver error. These driver error issues often emerge in the context of a personal injury lawsuit filed after the crash happens. New City software has identified some of the most dangerous and deadly intersections in Pasadena. This software looks to capture the highest collision rates across Pasadena.

The total number of collisions since 2014 were used to arrive at the data points which were shared in late 2016. The most dangerous Pasadena intersections for severe accidents include Lake Avenue at Orange Grove Boulevard, Maple Street at Fair Oaks Avenue, and Lake Avenue at Corson Street.

Many of the high collision rate intersections across Pasadena are near on and off ramps for the freeway. The primary causes of these accidents include inattention and speeding. Especially when a person is transitioning on and off of a freeway during peak hours, the possibility of accidents is that much higher.

With more drivers engaged in distracted driving that ever before, it is a significant consequence when a person has been critically hurt in such an accident. Retaining the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer might be the only way for a person who has been critically hurt to protect their rights and recover compensation.